SpotOn: Simplifying Digital Transformation for Small Businesses

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Digitalization is no longer an option for businesses, big or small, but vital to thrive and win in today’s hyper-connected digital world. With the changing consumer behavior disrupting the buying process forever, small businesses have to quickly take steps to bridge the digital divide. Although the transition to digital has been underway for a while, the pandemic has silenced any lingering doubts of digitalization and has proven beyond measure to small businesses that it is the only answer to business longevity. It has become imperative for small businesses to take the plunge into digital transformation, create great customer experiences and boost their bottom line. However, actualizing the transition from traditional storefront to digital initiatives is easier said than done.

For a small business with a limited budget, digital transformation sounds like an intimidating undertaking as they lack the necessary tools for an effective digital adoption process. They generally don’t have a dedicated IT team to seamlessly integrate payments, loyalty, marketing, or data analytics. Moreover, they typically reach out to different vendors to buy various digital solutions, and the aggregated cost often ends up burning a hole in their pockets. Hence, it goes without saying how small businesses are in need of expert assistance to easily adopt digital transformation and facilitate meaningful connections with their customers—all at an affordable price.

Rising to the occasion, California-based SpotOn offers integrated and cost-effective digital solutions that help small businesses seamlessly connect with their customers and bring in additional revenue like never before. “With our affordable bespoke software, backed by our 24/7 in-person service and support, we help businesses of all types—from restaurants, health and beauty, to automotive sectors and professional services—easily adopt digital solutions and drive more revenue,” states Kevin Bryla, chief marketing officer and head of customer experience at SpotOn.


The company’s integrated platform offers a wide assortment of solutions such as restaurant POS, payments solutions, virtual terminals, online ordering and delivery, and marketing, to name a few. They productively enable small businesses to be on par with constantly evolving customer expectations—online and on the go.

For instance, by leveraging SpotOn Reserve, a restaurant can create a VIP guest experience, while booking more reservations, turning tables faster, and increasing revenue. With their fully customizable digital loyalty programs, a retail outlet can strengthen its grip on customer retention. While other companies charge additional fees, SpotOn offers complementary marketing solutions with the SpotOn dashboard including engaging marketing campaigns to help customer engagement and accelerate revenue, as well as review management software so a business owner can keep a pulse on the online reputation of their business.

SpotOn has a dynamic POS system built into its integrated platform for supervising the entire ecosystem of a restaurant—from the customer's discovery and ordering, to the restaurant's order fulfillment, payment processing and post-dining customer marketing and review management.

With our affordable adaptable software, POS systems, and payment solutions, backed by our 24/7 in-person service and support, we help businesses of all types easily adopt digital solutions and drive more revenue

As a result, restaurants are delivering a seamless customer experience by streamlining their entire process through the integrated and intuitive platform. For many of SpotOn’s clients, the platform has helped them build a profit margin in spite of the pandemic. “At a time when restaurants are dealing in single-digit profit margins, one of our clients, Temaki Den a sushi restaurant in Denver is witnessing savings up to 20 percent, which is absolutely transformative,” remarks Bryla. What’s more, SpotOn bundles its platform pricing plans for its clients at a flexible rate, and unlike other companies, they do not rope customers into a contract. Also, they spare customers from paying ‘junk fees’ that they might otherwise have to pay to any other solution provider demanding added cost in the name of PCI fees and other big percentage premiums.


SpotOn has always been passionate about helping small businesses grow. The company has recently introduced SpotOn Capital for its clients that are typically unable to receive business loans from banks for lack of five million dollars of revenue or five years in business. “We have already given out 42 loans this year amounting close to a million dollars. And that’s only going to continue as we want to be our clients’ true partner - both in technology and finance -so they can focus on running their business,” states Bryla.

To that end, SpotOn offers a commitment that not many technology providers can make: local service and 24/7/365 personalized support. Their wide network of Account Executives not just coach clients through the process, but often help them set up the equipment on-site. And a Customer Success team is available day or night to address questions and provide support.

Riding high on the success of their impeccable solutions and unparalleled customer support, SpotOn is stepping into the new year with an objective to further integrate a host of services into their platform and keep empowering more businesses to market more effectively to their customers, and proffer significant customer experiences. “As the pandemic winds down and the post-pandemic reality is kicking in, we are excited to help SMBs drive additional revenue using our platform as we continue adding new functionalities,” states Bryla. “We are customer-first and so, every step we take is with the sole intent of doing what’s right for our customers.”


San Francisco, CA

Kevin Bryla, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Customer Experience

SpotOn is a cutting-edge payments and software company offering integrated and cost-effective digital solutions that help small businesses seamlessly connect with their customers and bring in additional revenue like never before