FreshLime: Data-driven Customer Engagement to Transform the Local SMB Space

Jay Bean, Founder & CEO
Millions of businesses in the local services sectors find it nearly impossible to leverage the latest technology when it comes to managing and engaging with their past customers. Enterprise, eCommerce and even the local retail spaces are utilizing data-driven marketing attribution to determine the best marketing channels and how to best engage with their customers. Most local service-based businesses don’t have the tools, people, or time to undertake an analytics-backed customer engagement and marketing strategy. Business owners are forced to use gut feel and mass marketing channels and marketplaces to keep their business growing. They assume that their customers will automatically come back when they need service again, but research shows that 70-80 percent don’t ever come back.

FreshLime strives to bring an end to this scenario, with an approach that unifies marketing, transaction and customer data together. “Helping small businesses connect the dots between marketing and transactions enable us to automate critical customer retention initiatives to compete with the big guys,” says Jay Bean, Founder and CEO of FreshLime. The FreshLime Marketing Attribution and Insight platform provides local businesses with a competitive edge by providing them with the outcomes only large enterprises have been able to achieve. Unlike traditional CRMs, the FreshLime customer profile manager was designed for business owners who do not have the time or people to manage their customers the way they would like. With the ability to profile customers, service businesses can easily chart the value proposition of each customer and leverage a unified window through which they can analyze and act upon customer reviews from social networks and other data sources. Coherently, the platform can automate customer engagement through targeted campaigns and connect dots through attribution to trace the origin of every customer interaction to bring transparency into identifying the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Bean claims that the company’s clients are achieving 10-100 times ROI on the platform.

FreshLime’s platform is integrated with popular marketing, customer, scheduling, and transaction platforms local service companies use to run their business.

We use a lot of AI within the platform but someone on the front end with a human touch is super important to us and our customers

FreshLime Insight platform virtually becomes a system of record for its small business clients in a similar way that Salesforce is for the enterprise space. The platform is designed to analyze the unified data set and then automatically produce key insights that can drive marketing and customer engagement with triggers for e-mail, text and other social engagement. Most small businesses don’t have people to run campaigns so FreshLime assigns its new clients with personal Account Managers who evaluate their current marketing and assist them with the onboarding process. “We use a lot of AI within the platform but someone on the front end with a human touch is super important to us and our clients.” asserts Bean.

One of FreshLime’s client is a large fencing company that sells vinyl fences. Because the average duration of vinyl fences is 20 years, the client had almost 93 percent one-time customers who were unaware of the other outdoor products the client had—namely gazebos, porches and other backyard projects. Leveraging the Insight platform to engage customers through retention e-mail and social media, FreshLime enabled the client to drive over 100,000 dollars more per month from their existing customers. “This is a great example of how futile paid search campaigns can turn out beneficial for physical businesses,” says Bean.

Being an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of expertise gained through building two successful companies in the digital advertising realm—both of which has been acquired by public firms—Bean is well positioned to steer FreshLime, his third start up, forward. Just over two years since founding FreshLime, the pathway is already set for success, with more than 40,000 users actively using the analytics platform and hundreds benefiting from the entire product set.


Lehi, UT

Jay Bean, Founder & CEO

The FreshLime Insight platform enables local service businesses to better profile their customers and drive automated marketing and engagement campaigns