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Mika Siirtola, Director & Product Management
The rapidly changing consumer technology and touch points in conjunction with shopper’s rising expectations exert paramount pressure on the existing solutions and customer engagement strategies. However, the standard CRM solutions in the market lack the architecture to drive innovative customer engagement while countering high volumes of interactions and wide variety of data from disparate sources. Concomitantly, CIOs in the retailing realm are contrived to adapt to a customer-focused approach staying up to date with the technology changes. Mika Siirtola, Director of Innovation and Product Management at Memberson believes that, omni-channel strategy is the best way forward for physical retailers to successfully compete with pure e-commerce players. To this need, the Singapore-based firm’s Reaktor platform—is designed for future proof customer experience environments to run loyalty programs, multi-tier memberships, partnerships/coalitions, omni-channel customer journeys and marketing automation.

The marketing intelligence engine— Reaktor, connects to real time channels and touch points viz, in-store sales, e-commerce, mobile apps, beacons, social platforms and web. It also combines interactions with demographics, historical purchase patterns and data from external data sources like weather and road traffic. The real time reaction—powered by rules, analytics, and predictive algorithms, automates personalized engagement through multi-channel marketing communication and rewards and loyalty program automation. Reaktor infrastructure auto-scales to manage large data volumes efficaciously and in turn their APIs allows secure and controlled integration of legacy systems. Adding momentum, the platform has self-learning capabilities and it is easy to integrate and plug in services like smart chat bots.

Reaktor enables retailers, brands and malls to build personalized customer journeys and experiences, including gamification, out-of-the-box multi tier reward programs and redemption tactics. The platform enables rapid interconnection between new technologies and services to enhance the entire omni-channel customer experience. The visibility of revenue generated from customer interactions with touch points and services equip CIOs with the understanding of how new consumer technologies are adopted in their environment. “The flexibility makes the Reaktor, our CRM and Shopper Series modules future proof. Our solution is cloud based, offering unlimited scaling,” delineates, Siirtola.

The flexibility makes Reaktor, our CRM and Shopper Series modules future proof

To its credit, the Reaktor platform is consistently proven to increase customer acquisition and revenues for clients.

Memberson’s Shopper CRM and its applications stand apart from standard CRM solutions because of a unique architecture that provide a complete 360 degree customer view that stretches across multiple brand engagements and partners. The ShopperEngage and ShopperAnalytics applications enable clients to develop and manage profit generating customer journeys productively. “We have built in ready-to-use functionality for customer engagement automation and to operate multi-tier membership and reward programmes, including management of personalized point schemes, vouchers, coupons, discount, referral and social programmes,” cites Siirtola. Offering a broad range of services through integrated 3rd party service providers, Memberson’s solution also include centralized stored-value account management, unique technologies for sales data capturing, lucky draw management, event invitations and surveys.

“We ensure that our clients stay up to date and can connect with their customers in the most meaningful, personal and relevant way possible,” says Siirtola. Vindicating such expertise, Memberson assisted a transnational chain of shopping malls with their platform to streamline shopper interactions across different touch points— social, kiosks, in-mall games, mobile applications, Wi-Fi, carpark, and merchant sales. The benefits of implementing Reaktor included additional revenue channels for the mall retailers and creation of customer experiences based on better shopper pattern information and analytical power.

Memberson deals with a diverse retail and e-commerce environment on a daily basis. With a proven stage growth success, the firm contemplates at the latest consumer engagement technologies to help their clients compete. “We continuously invest in R&D and innovation to assure we are in the front line and being connected to the latest technologies that consumers use and interact with,” concludes Siirtola.



Mika Siirtola, Director & Product Management

Enables Retailers, Brands and Malls to develop and manage profit generating customer journeys efficiently