Confirmit: Richer Data Insights for Enhanced Customer Experience

Terry Lawlor, Executive VP, Product Management
Customer Experience Management (CEM), when done correctly, cuts across the entire business with stakeholders from a large number of departments, as well as a centralized Customer Experience (CX) team,” begins Terry Lawlor, Executive VP, Product Management, Confirmit. He explains that employing a CEM solution presents an opportunity for forward-thinking CIOs to gain a lead in providing the best CX throughout the customer lifecycle. But, often grabbing a single view of the customer is difficult, with no easy way to integrate customer data across multiple systems. This is where Confirmit—a solution provider for feedback, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting comes in to identify and improve customer experience.

Confirmit’s solutions cover the full range of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) process, from program definition and design to analysis, reporting, and action management. Making a huge transition from online data collection and reporting to a multi-channel approach, Confirmit enables businesses to capture insights from customers not only online, but on mobile devices, SMS, telephone, face-to-face, and social media. Regardless of medium of customers’ feedback, the information is seamlessly combined using Confirmit SmartHub™ to avoid creation of data silos. Using Confirmit SmartHub, organizations integrate data sources, such as CRM and ERP with VoC insights to gain a centralized view.

“We aim to ensure that no VoC program is ever limited by the solution on which it is run,” states Lawlor. The company’s Confirmit Horizons software platform handles sophisticated VoC programs to provide a holistic view of the customer experience. Programs can include many customer touchpoints—contact center, website, and in store, for example, which are addressed using the most appropriate feedback channel for website shoppers or visitors. Simultaneously, advanced hierarchy management ensures that employees can access a live dashboard and draw relevant insights—to resolve a customer case or rolled-up reports for a CEO to highlight areas that require strategic attention.

We aim to ensure that no VoC program is ever limited by the solution on which it is run

Confirmit Horizons helps to generate real efficiencies in action management, supporting full closed-loop alerting. If customers provide a low satisfaction score about their experience, an alert is automatically fired off to the right person to resolve the issue. “We support advanced analytics that identifies the root-cause of ongoing issues,” says Lawlor. In terms of building surveys within a large VoC program, Confirmit’s design environment makes the creation of sophisticated surveys easy, speeding the process that makes reporting more effective.

In addition to the technology, the company executes a powerful 5-stage VoC methodology—Confirmit Voices™ that the company’s VoC specialists use to help clients define, design and implement their program, using the Confirmit Horizons platform. It empowers clients to analyze the customer feedback and act on them at a tactical level. The company also offers Confirmit Genius, which delivers sophisticated text and social analytics, categorizing unstructured text and providing sentiment by category to uncover actionable insights. This helps in reevaluating decisions about product design and performance to generate competitive intelligence. “Sony Mobile Communications is successfully using it to react quickly to product issues even before anything is flagged to their retail stores or contact centers,” asserts Lawlor.

Confirmit allows its R&D team members time out for building new features outside the core product roadmap like unique location triggering features in their mobile apps and new categorization models for text analytics. Observing the tangential market developments, Confirmit has partnered with Affectiva—developer of emotion recognition software that can now be incorporated into Confirmit Horizons surveys. “Alongside these innovations, we are continuing to develop capabilities to manage and map huge volumes of data for impacting customer experience,” concludes Lawlor.


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Terry Lawlor, Executive VP, Product Management

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