QMATIC: Personalizing Customer Experience with Cloud Based Application

Michael Hallén, President & CEO,
Majority of global business and technology decision-makers assert that improving customer experience is a priority for remaining competitive in the industry. However, the challenge for companies lie in bringing balance in their online ventures to attract more number of people with ground level activity to serve them seamlessly. However, modern day companies lack a simple solution for boosting the product and service delivery while serving customers in a more efficient, enjoyable and personal way. “Enterprises now concentrate more on their online presence, leaving many customers unsatisfied as their real services are unable to match client expectation,” remarks Michael Hallén, President and CEO, QMATIC. As a result, CIOs are in search of a solution that has the potential to enhance their customer involvement throughout their entire journey and im¬proves efficiency while maximizing the revenue.

Duluth, GA based QMATIC harmonizes the user experience from the online to physical world with the innovative Customer Experience Management application. The company delivers customer experience solutions majorly in the retail, healthcare, banking, and government industries. The idea for QMATIC was the result of a need for a Swedish restaurant run by Rune Sahlin, the company founder. A solution was required to streamline the hectic business process by managing both customers and staff equally. Understanding the need, Sahlin invented a number and display system for fair queuing, which resulted as the foundation for present day QMATIC. With over three decades of experience in improving customer experience, the company’s services are available in 120 countries. “At QMATIC, we help our clients create brand value by improving their customer experience,” adds Hallén.

QMATIC combines the entire CEM ecosystem with robust integration platform and mobile applications for both customers and staff. The enterprise customer journey management system allows the whole organization to have data configured and stored in one centralized location, making the customer flow easy to maintain. Their flagship product Qmatic Orchestra can be seamlessly integrated into an enterprise’s existing IT infrastructure and deployed into cloud. It supports central configuration and management and hosts an advanced customer journey management engine that can run either centrally or in distributed mode.
“Orchestra contains a set of integrated modules such as appointments, digital signage, mobile apps, customer feedback, queue management, and business intelligence,” illustrates Hallén.

While managing and improving the customer journey in any organization is an essential part of CEM, understanding customer touch points is equally important too. In addition, every organization makes the effort to understand their customer’s experience to identify improvement opportunities. Sensing this, QMATIC has created a ‘customer journey discovery’ program, which documents the customer’s experience from a process perspective as well as from the staff’s and the customer’s eyes.

One of their clients, a consumer electronics chain in the Nordic countries recognized that waiting time in stores negatively affects customer experience. The client required a platform to maintain the profit margin while managing the excess customer demand. QMATIC analyzed their need and offered a virtual mobile solution that enabled the consumer electronics chain to improve scheduling. Moreover, the customer-flow and waiting-time statistics offered by the Qmatic Orchestra system gave them excellent decision-support material for optimal store staffing.

At QMATIC, we help our clients create brand value by orchestrating customer journeys for improved experiences

The team at QMATIC stays updated with the changing trends and incorporates the relevant technologies which will enhance their solutions. As the trend of reinforcing customer engagement is becoming more personalized, QMATIC is looking forward to invest more into their technology to meet the new needs of the customers. Hence, “we will continue to invest in mobile technology and smart business applications allowing staff to deliver service based on real-time events and predictions,” concludes Hallén.


Duluth, GA

Michael Hallén, President & CEO,

Offers customer journey management applications to enterprises for orchestrating experiences, maintaining competiveness and maximizing revenue

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