PPT Solutions: Omni Channel Approaches to Deliver Organizational Value

Dennis Weikle, Founder & Managing Director
The phenomenal rise of mobile, cloud and social media have reshaped the business world particularly in areas with high customer engagement like retail, travel, communication services, and technical support. Such significant changes across various landscapes have bolstered enterprises to focus on customer experience. “While working with client organizations we found that the omni-channel approach is no longer a ‘nice to have’—it’s a must have!” says Dennis Weikle, Founder and Managing Director, PPT Solutions. With a robust set of solutions that are offered directly or via partner companies, the firm provides professional service delivery, IT Solutions, and infrastructure solutions to the ever evolving customer needs.

Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, PPT solution redefines customer experience by embracing three critical things. “First, we drive clarity in the long term goals of our customers. Secondly, we work with our customers to conduct “customer” focus groups.” This helps ensure the solutions designed connect with what the customers want vs. what we think they want, says Weikle. Leveraging their Cx Evaluation Framework (CEF) to help clients view their customer experience, PPT Solutions identifies core opportunities that help drive value at the customer level.

Furthermore, PPT leverages a Six Sigma Type approach in all their engagements. “As a solution provider we need to understand the root cause of a problem, measure its impact accordingly and come up with a well-defined solution by collaboratively working with them,” states Weikle.

PPT Solutions has aided many of its clients to improve customer satisfaction, cut down costs and increase end user satisfaction. “We have worked with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 10 clients to evaluate, implement, and transform their customer experiences,” shares Weikle. For instance, a leading consumer products company requested the help of PPT to integrate with their recently acquired company.
PPT assisted the customer with infrastructure, organization redesign and supply management. The firm helped implement a new approach to data management leading to improved transparency and ability to manage the business. Additionally, the client’s supplier management was examined and significant changes were recommended to annually save millions of dollars.

Another important aspect for PPT’s success is its motto—‘Stop Selling and Start Helping.’ “We work hard to avoid the “big flashy sales presentations” that try to tell a client why we are better at their business then they are. We take time to explore with our clients where their challenges are and how those might be solved. Where it’s most born out is when we go on site or do a virtual whiteboard planning session to discuss the issues at hand and begin to develop a plan to address those. Before you know it, we are already helping and we haven’t “sold” anything,” asserts Weikle.

As a solution provider we need to understand the root cause of a problem, measure its impact accordingly and come up with a well-defined solution by collaboratively working with them

To make their presence more agile and robust in customer experience landscape, PPT has developed a partner eco-system with some of the most respected and innovative companies. For the road ahead, PPT will continue to focus on the evolution of customer demands and leveraging their deep experiences and partnerships to drive differentiation. “In the coming years we are investing in both technology and partner solutions to further extend our capabilities,” concludes Weikle.

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Dennis Weikle, Founder & Managing Director

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