nanorep: Delivering Personalized Guidance Solutions

Eli Campo, CEO
“It’s always instructed to focus on the pass and not on the obstacles to avoid crash while riding a bike,” says Eli Campo, CEO, nanorep. “Similarly, while leading an organization, CIOs should keep their stay focused on the user experience to surpass any hurdle and strive to achieve their set goals.” In the changing Consumer Experience Management (CEM) landscape where personalized experience is the cornerstone and digital experience has become touch enabled, Campo believes that nanorep is a little ahead of the digital revolution. There are few challenges which nanorep is addressing in this transforming CEM arena like creation of Omni channel and agile continuous experience. In addition, growing importance of response time has necessitated the availability of service response in real time to more touch points. Today, organizations have no control or influence on consumers’ engagement channels like twitter or chat and voice services with the company. “We provide 24 hour service to brands which is instant, individualized, and consistent across any touch point in the digital customer journey,” asserts Campo.

Aligning with the growth of ‘Internet of Me’, nanorep’s Digital Experience Guidance (DEG) provides individualized help to each person. It enables organizations to understand any question, its context and the intent behind it, in any phrasing and language—voice or text. The company’s real time analytics merges both structured and unstructured data to provide actionable, business insights from any context into areas where enterprises have zero visibility, creating a centralized view of the customers. Nanorep’s instant service is available at any touch point from the website, app, digital in store, connected car, including agent console. The company forges customers’ pathway with dynamic and creative overlay—decision tree or proactive FAQs for prompt resolution based on user profile and journey-specific context. To enhance agent experience—a part of customer experience, nanorep’s solution plugs into other ticketing and contact center solutions to support agents for much faster resolution times. Through Nanorep’s smart channeling, organizations can navigate customers to human assisted channel.
The company also provides real time business insight that can be sliced and diced by context and touch points, through data velocity—matching the speed of decision to the speed of action. “We deliver demand driven solutions, which reveals the gaps between the customer demand and the company’s current knowledge to create and the granularity that people consume it,” says Campo. nanorep builds smart enterprises—embedding software intelligence for every question into every touch point of their business to drive new levels of operational efficiency, evolution, and innovation.

“Our focus is pinpointed on creating amazing effortless service for organizations, which will enable them to enjoy experience at scale,” cites Campo. For instance, which was handing five million unique visitors a month to their website needed a solution that could efficiently deal with incoming inquiries, and provide accurate and immediate resolution to their customers. With nanorep, managed to increase conversion rate, engagement and reduce the number of human assisted questions.

We provide 24 hour service to brands which is instant, individualized, and consistent across any touch point in the digital customer journey

nanorep delivers a holistic and outside-in approach that focuses on overall experience and guidance by eliminating the gap in end customer experience and not just on providing answers. Campo believes that the industry is moving from labor-driven, technology enabled solutions to digital-driven, human enabled solutions, and aspires to be a leader in this space. “We are excited about the integrated search experience, where nanorep will automatically perform search based inputs,” concludes Campo.


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Eli Campo, CEO

Resolves ‘non-general’ issues that require personalization and specific account information