CX Index: Improving Data Access for Better Customer Experience

David Heneghan, CEO
While working as a bond trader in London, David Heneghan, CEO of CX Index realized that traders betting on the performance of businesses had better decision making capabilities than most corporates. After conducting in-depth research, he examined that it wasn’t a technological deficiency on the corporate side, instead it was the lack of access to the industry-wide comparative data, which was available in financial markets. For customer-facing businesses, the most sustainable form of competitive advantage is data on Customer Experience (CX) and Heneghan observed an opportunity in initiating CX Index to provide accessibility to relevant data.

Most VoC (Voice of the Customer) have a mechanism to help businesses understand what customers think of them only and have no insights related to their competition, but by focusing on partnership networks where companies’ data are aggregated, CX Index has an efficient and differentiated approach to deliver truly evolved decision making capability.

The CX Index platform gathers feedback that serves as a reliable metric to enhance customer experience and deploys unique approach¬es to enable organizations to access comparative data. The company’s solutions are designed to distill the feedback into actionable data by integrating it with operational and CRM solutions. CX Index ensures the delivery of enhanced context using statistics to prescribe actions. By permitting the access to appropriate data, CX Index capacitates employees and key stakeholders to bring a difference to a company’s business processes. Further, CX Index often associates with businesses that have existing networks and redistributes their insights on an industry wide basis.

Before beginning any project, the firm evaluates what the key outcome for its customers and subsequently aligns all tasks and activities to achieve successful customer results. “We focus on outcomes, context and benchmarks to enable our clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” says Heneghan.
The company’s platform rapidly ingests operational and data responses from multiple interaction channels and presents them across the organization, allowing the right person to receive the right information, at the right time. “We have crafted a sophisticated system architecture to distribute data across an organization. Empowering individuals, departments or business units to take ownership of CX performance is at the heart of what we do” explains Heneghan. CX Index has a number of neat add-ons within the product that draw additional value from feedback. One such innovation is CX Index Social Advocate™—a solution to empower customers to ameliorate their online reputation.

We focus on outcomes, context, and benchmarks to enable our clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Since its inception, CX Index actively engages with clients to deliver desired results. One of the company’s clients, CarTrawler—an online car rental portal, serves more than 12,000 suppliers across 30,000 pickup locations worked in collaboration with CX Index. The company enabled CarTrawler to place their customer experience at the center of their decisions by capturing metrics in a standard form on a single platform. This improved the client’s performance, significantly increasing their customer satisfaction scores and overall marketplace benefits.

Serving a wide array of clients, in travel, hospitality, retail and finance, Heneghan considers that CX Index is still a young company and desires to expand its benchmarking capability across different market segments. “Innovation is at the core of what we do and we are continuously looking for talented engineers to continue to deliver enhanced customer experience performance to our rapidly expanding number of happy customers.”

CX Index

Dublin, Ireland

David Heneghan, CEO

Delivers enhanced Customer Experience by facilitating better decisions and deeper context