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Theatro Provides Voice-controlled Wearables for Cabela's In-Store Service

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2016

DALLAS, TX: Theatro offers the advantages of IoT wearable’s and new workforce optimized apps together in a SaaS to serve companies in retail, hospitality and manufacturing-the company delivers mobile solutions for hourly employees. Recently, Cabela’s Incorporated announced partnership with Theatro. Under the terms of partnership Cabela’s employees will be equipped with Theatro’s voice-controlled, wearable devices for enhancing its in-store operations.

Cabela’s Incorporated is the retailer company and the direct marketer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor merchandise. Before partnering with Theatro, the company used two-way radios. Partnering with Theatro will empower Cabela’s with increased productivity and improved customer buying experiences while promoting efficient teamwork.

A two-way radio is a device able to act like a broadcast receiver which only receives content. The device allows the operator to communicate with other similar radios within the same radio frequency. On the other hand wearable devices- a part of Internet of things are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity. Wearables allow operators to exchange data to other connected devices without the need of human intervention.

Through the partnership, Cabela’s  can deploy an easy way of communication within the company and take advantage of effortless access of critical information’s from store management, product experts, headquarter teams and in-store systems delivering quick response to the customers. “The solution allows our management team to be connected to our Outfitters in a more meaningful and actionable way. This helps us fine tune our operational processes and maximize labor savings.” remarks Michael Copland, EVP and COO, Cabela’s.

 “We strongly believe that store employees should be "heads-up and hands-free" when engaging with customers. Better enabling those employees in the store can be a huge differentiator for retailers as they look to meet the needs of the mobile-enabled customer of the future” says Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro.