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Corey Gottlieb, Co-Founder
The retail industry is in the midst of a seismic and dramatic change to the way they do business. In the new e-commerce world, traditional brands with physical locations have seen significant decreases in customer visits and are increasingly in danger of being commoditized. For traditional brands, this decrease in store traffic results in fewer opportunities to make a human connection with their consumers through their network of highly trained salespeople. As a result, retailers have quickly turned to AI and Bots to help connect online consumers to their brands. Corey Gottlieb and Kareen Mallet, creators of Replika Software certainly understand the world of e-commerce, but still believe that the basic formula of retail hasn’t changed. “Algorithm’s and Bots can never predict what a consumer really wants or needs. Quite often, consumers don’t even know what they want until they start shopping. Retail is about people not technology,” said Mallet, a former Neiman Marcus executive. “People are inspired by other people and purchase decisions are influenced by this basic connection,” she added. That was their inspiration to create Replika, a clienteling, curation and social media tool for brands who want to empower their sales associates and influencers to connect, inspire and sell using social and mobile, Anytime, Anywhere. With Replika, a sales associate earns commissions from sales they drive online, regardless of whether the consumer is in front of them at the POS system or shopping online from the comfort of their home.

The software is installed on a brand’s website in minutes and requires virtually no ongoing maintenance. Replika is also extremely easy to use. If you know how to shop online, send emails, texts or post anything to social media, you can be clienteling online in minutes. A sales person is given all the tools necessary to curate outfits and sell directly from the entire online assortment. They can post their suggestions on a one-to-one basis using SMS and email or broadcast to an unlimited number of potential customers using social media. Ultimately, if the customer buys anything from the brand’s site through the links shared, the seller gets a commission.

Quite often, consumers don’t even know what they want until they start shopping. Retail is about people not technology

While Replika’s solution was originally conceived for the luxury retail market, it’s footprint is expanding into several large big box retailers with traditional brick and mortar locations as well. For the luxury consumer, convenience, inspiration and personal attention are key. “With the point of inspiration moved from magazines and in-store interactions to social media, today’s retail sales associates can no longer simply wait for potential customers to come into the store,” said Gottlieb. The same is true for almost any retailer with multiple locations. “Replika gives these brands the tools to leverage their network affect utilizing the power of social media and measuring its effectiveness, while still allowing the brand to control the content and manage the entire sales process,” added Gottlieb. With Mallet’s experience and understanding of the consumer in fashion and retail and Gottlieb’s sales management and marketing experience, the system is right on point for today’s retailers competing for sales in a digital world. In a matter of months since launch, Replika attracted customers from around the world and is already making its mark in France, Canada, Tokyo, Hong Kong and the USA. With its one-of-a-kind solution, “Replika is en route to becoming a leader in helping retailers offer personalized services to their online customers by enabling their most valuable ambassadors (sales representatives) to connect, sell, and earn commission for all transactions,” concludes Gottlieb.

Replika Software, LLC.

New York, NY

Corey Gottlieb, Co-Founder and Kareen Mallet, Co-Founder

Enables brands to empower their salespeople and influencers to sell anytime, anywhere

Replika Software, LLC.