WebEngage: Escalating User Engagement and Conversions

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO
In the e-commerce business, the challenge of converting visitors into regular customers can certainly keep e-commerce vendors awake at night. The key obstacle any online business faces is engaging visitors on their websites and maintaining customer loyalty. “Organizations spend a huge amount of money and effort to generate website traffic, but most of the users bounce off the site without performing any meaningful transaction,” says Avlesh Singh, CEO of WebEngage.

Well positioned to address this challenge, WebEngage deploys a unique approach for online dealers to increase their e-commerce profits. “At WebEngage, we aid enterprises in targeting visitors and transforming them into valuable sales or leads,” adds Singh. WebEngage is an on-site customer engagement SaaS-based toolkit for online businesses that allow marketing and product teams to present nudges, overlays, pop-ups, or intercepts to users on their websites. “We help enterprises engage users in real time by running promotions or offers, collecting customer insights, improving conversions, and gathering consumer feedback,” says Singh.

The company guides online firms in acquiring, converting and retaining first-time visitors by incentivizing them on products or services. At the core of WebEngage is its ‘targeting engine’ that allows firms to aim a survey or a notification at a specific site visitor. The platform performs this by filtering criteria like—cookies, user’s geography, time spent on the site, and webpage URL. “The key value of our solution is its ability to track conversions and measure the uplift quantitatively in terms of dollars,” notes Singh. WebEngage’s ‘Leave Intent’ feature helps in seizing users from bouncing off the website by dispensing an offer or a pro¬motion. “Through Leave Intent, we reduce the bounce rate and cart abandonment of e-commerce stores by 25 percent,” explains Singh. Additionally, WebEngage’s ‘Feedback’ software assists online retailers in implementing their Voice of the Customer (VOC) strategy. “We listen to customer queries and complaints on the site and pass it on seamlessly to concerned teams,” says Singh. The platform allows deeper integration with other systems in order to instantly make use of feedback data to help online businesses.
Simultaneously, WebEngage Notifications provide an easy means of establishing communication with users. “It is a simple push messaging tool that presents offers, dis¬counts, and messages to site visitors,” adds Singh.

WebEngage aims to drive maximum sales and conversions on websites and solve a plethora of vital pain points in the digital age. One of the company’s clients Swap.com, an American online marketplace, was receiving a significant traffic from mobile users and intended to convert their mobile visitors into customers. The Swap team then created a WebEngage lead generation survey to capture the emails of unregistered mobile users. The survey was an ‘on entry’ modal window for Swap’s mobile site, which intercepted any first-time user landing on their mobile site. The acquired information enabled Swap to offer one-time free shipping as an incentive to users—helping convert an additional 15 percent of mobile visitors into leads.

We help enterprises engage users in real time by running promotions or offers, collecting customer insights, improving conversions, and gathering consumer feedback

“Using WebEngage, organizations can segment or profile their visitors as well as engage them at the right points in their online journey,” says Singh. “We are a pioneer in the area of ‘Do It Yourself’ tools for online marketers.” As for the road ahead, the company is planning to release its mobile application engagement suite to expand the scope of customer engagement to mobile users. “Marketers using WebEngage will have an omni-channel view of their customers and an engagement strategy that is based on complete user behavior across devices and platforms,” concludes Singh.


Mumbai, India

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO

WebEngage is a SaaS-based on-site customer engagement toolkit for online businesses