salesEQUITY: Building Customer Loyalty and Trusted Partners

Tom Cates, Founder & President
The B2B buying process is rapidly changing. It now mimics the B2C process where customers use reviews, customer testimonials and Social media as drivers to purchase. As a result, the true relationship of Buyer to Seller has become more important.

Do your customers really trust you? Are you considered a Trusted Advisor to your customers? Does your sales force have a deep relationship with their customers?

B2B relationships are built on the one to one relationship of the buyer and seller. Yet, most managers have no idea of the true relationship of their salespeople and their customers.

“In our endeavors with clients in the B2B market, the great challenge for over a 73 percent of CEOs is in building individual relationships with their clients. Nearly 88 percent of CSOs view their clients as transactional vendors and not as trusted partners,” Tom Cates, Founder and President, Sales Equity
SalesEQUITY solves the problem of providing actual data from real customers about their relationships with sales. By quickly surveying all customers, SalesEQUITY provides a scorecard for every salesperson and uncovers the true relationship of buyer to seller. “Customer loyalty does not encompass the physical product or tangible aspects of the service alone. It has to do with how people feel when they own a product, use a service or work with a provider,” explains Cates.

SalesEQUITY provides much more than the one to one data about the customer relationship. In addition, SalesEQUITY uncovers blind spots in the relationship, offers actionable insights and data, and provides virtual coaching and advice to help companies drive new revenue through cross and up selling and cutting marketing costs.The company was launched after conducting series of qualitative and quantitative customer research surveys, analytics on customer experience, relationships between the customers and providers in the B2B space based upon over a decade work with a variety of companies in the US and UK.
“The more emotional and personal the bond between provider and customer, the stronger the potential loyalty would be, but establishing and maintaining such connections depends on productive interaction with customers," confides Cates.

SalesEQUITY gives companies the ability to understand their individual customer relationships and build strategies to strengthen them. “Effective account management leads to a whole range of financial benefits,” adds Cates. SalesEquity’s customer experience platform is designed for business executives, leaders, front-line sales managers, account management teams, and sales or business development teams.
Since SalesEQUITY’s platform is based upon years of data, they have been able to get to market quickly with a solution that has already proved its values for many companies. Barrett, a leading provider of warehousing and logistics services to Pacific Coast approached SalesEQUITY and with their intervention the customer was able to understand their clientele and develop strong customer base. The results were a 75 percent sales growth in the first year. “We found out where we really stood with a customer and what they wanted us to change,” says Tim Barrett, COO, Barrett.

Customer loyalty does not encompass the physical product or tangible aspects of the service alone. It has to do with how people feel when they own a product

Going forward, SalesEQUITY is expanding its offerings to better serve both small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises singularly focused on enhancing the quality of the Buyer/Seller Relationship.


Acton, MA

Tom Cates, Founder & President

SalesEQUITY is a SaaS platform that measures the client relationship between the buyer and seller, offers actionable insights and virtual coaching that helps companies drive more revenue while cutting costs