LogMeIn: Rethinking Engagement with the Connected Customer

Matthew Duffy, VP of Marketing-Connected Products & Customers
The universally connected, multi-channel consumer has transformed the current Customer Experience Management landscape. Although companies have tried to keep up with this new connected customer they have often failed. Simply having "coverage" of every possible channel that a customer may use—email, phone, web chat, mobile chat, SMS, social, is of no use. “What companies are finding now is that it's not enough to just have coverage of all of these channels. Customers expect a seamless experience across all of these channels, and companies need to be able to provide this,” begins Matthew Duffy, VP of Marketing– Connected Products and Customers at LogMeIn.

LogMeIn provides a live chat solution, BoldChat, through which it enables human-to-human interaction that enhances the customer’s digital experience. BoldChat increases efficiency with its capability to support live chat, email, and social channels across many device types. In addition, the company also offers Rescue Lens, through which it is redefining remote support service. By merging real-time video with proprietary Smart Whiteboard technology, Rescue Lens provides the ability to support any object or device anywhere, regardless of whether that object is web-enabled or not.

“We simplify the way people connect to each other and the world around them,” says Duffy. LogMeIn’s suite of solutions helps companies create connected products, manage valuable data, and engage closely to resolve customer care issues. With an aim to provide a better overall customer experience, the company also provides deep functionality to enhance their customer understanding through their platform, Xively. This helps the company simplify the way they connect with their products, manage IoT data at scale, and engage more closely with their customers, users and partners. The Xively platform is capable of connecting millions of devices at scale while controlling access with identity and permissions. “We remotely access and fix connected products in real-time while sales and marketing teams can identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities,” says Duffy.

LogMeIn is more holistic in delivering technology to help manage the overall customer experience.
The company connects simply from anywhere around the world and makes connectivity easier. “We differentiate ourselves with our suite of solutions which helps our customers connect products, manage contextual customer data and resolve customer care issues,” says Duffy.

We simplify the way people connect to each other and the world around them

Since inception, LogMeIn has been helping its clients with their cutting-edge solutions. The company has improved the efficiency and cost savings for their clients through their effective services, while boosting customer satisfaction ratings. For example, a company called The North Face, an outdoor products company that specializes in clothing and equipment, increased engagement from 4,000 chats per month in the summer season to 17,000 per month. Through LogMein’s effective services, the company was able to spend more time helping their potential consumers. “BoldChat helps The North Face improve their agents’ ability to answer customer questions instantly while promoting special offers and providing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. It also enables agents to field multiple chats simultaneously, which increases efficiencies,” adds Duffy.

The company has also worked with the world’s leading provider of games on-demand, Exent Technologies, to deliver and support its game services to end users who expect instantaneous help. The results? Staff productivity gains led to a 35 percent drop in related costs, and first-time resolution—a key efficiency and customer satisfaction metric—decreased from 24 hours to less than 12 minutes.

Moving ahead, the company will capitalize on the synergy of their product lines including live chat, remote support and their IoT platform to connect, manage, and support cus¬tomer engagement at higher levels than ever before. “We’re helping our customers become connected prod¬ucts companies that have endur¬ing relationships with their users,” Duffy concludes.



Matthew Duffy, VP of Marketing-Connected Products & Customers

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