Dialog Insight: Streamlining Customer Engagement through Personalized Interactions

Pascale Guay, CEO
Along with building the ‘know, like, and trust’ model, it is important for marketers to analyze consumer behavior and segment the audience according to their interests and goals, followed by implementing an innovative and effective communication strategy based on content personalization. This is where Quebec-based Dialog Insight comes in. Improving the effectiveness of Customer Experience Management (CEM), the company helps enterprises to enhance the end-to-end communication with their potential customers. Being a catalyst for centralizing and converting the scattered end-user data from various distribution channels into actionable insights, Dialog Insight provides a 360 degree customer view. Ultimately, it streamlines the customers’ journey in an organization and increases the probability of customer retention. Dialog Insight delivers a personalized online interaction service through a single CEM platform that has a proper balance between functionality and visualization. “Our flexible CEM platform eases content personalization through their customers’ interests and behaviors,” articulates Pascale Guay, CEO, Dialog Insight.

Dialog Insight integrates with clients’ existing systems that provide a global knowledge of consumers to offer personalized services in all contact points. Built upon the vast client knowledge, marketing automation, and big data, the company has developed Openfield platform that improves personalized interactions for global enterprises. This flexible and easy-to-deploy marketing automation platform greatly improves the quality of the client relation though the use of personalization and facilitates interactive processes. “We offer a range of marketing interaction solutions under one single platform that can adapt to the client’s specific environment,” delineates Guay. Openfield platform measures the users’ behaviors, and converts information into knowledge using scoring tools for creating contents that correspond to the registered interests on each channel,” she adds. To achieve highly efficient content personalization, Dialog Insight deploys many interactive processes such as lead management, event registration, online surveys, online contest organization, and personalized coupons.

The company has adopted an omni-channel strategy where they allow their clients to perform customized online and offline marketing campaigns for enhancing the buying cycle through a single platform.
The enterprises can generate a sequence of action for effective marketing to create positive consumer engagement. “This marketing automation strategy ultimately enables businesses to recover dropped sales,” Guay expresses.

Our flexible CEM platform eases content personalization through customers’ interests and behaviors

Additionally, the company offers coaching and strategic counseling to the vendors. Dialog Insight is constantly developing their platform to make it more user-friendly and multichannel compatible. Over the years, the company has served numerous global organizations in Canada to solve mission critical CEM challenges. For instance, one of their clients, a Canadian cooperative financial group—Desjardins needed a new centralized application to manage event registrations. By implementing Dialog Insight’s platform, the client was able to automate most of its processes, including personalized alerts to inform of upcoming events and promotions. Incidentally, it also provided the possibility to offer content based on the user’s location and interests. Following the implementation, Desjardins experienced higher customer registration and participation rates in their marketing events with simplified event related communication.

Dialog Insight continues to help many big players in the CEM space with their versatile technology. Recently the company has incorporated a new feature in their platform to identify and measure customers’ journey for better interaction at the right time. For the future, the company is planning to extend their business in Europe and the U.S. “We are also outlining to augment analytical tools that use various mathematical algorithms in order to better detect new trends,” Guay asserts. This change would further help the enterprises to acquire knowledge for better personalized communications in real time on both mobile and online channels.

Dialog Insight

Quebec, Canada

Pascale Guay, CEO

Assisting businesses to improve customer engagement with effective personalization