Creative Virtual: A Proven Self-Service Platform That Delivers a Profound Customer Experience

Richard Simons, CEO
Customers are using mobile de¬vices more than any other channel. As this usage increases, customer demand for self-service and seamless interactions with brands becomes more ubiquitous in driving loyalty. Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution providers are responding to the market by creating tools and services that will help brands deliver customer value and foster deeper connections. To build effective self-service solutions, brands need a holistic system for collecting, analyzing and delivering personalized information to their customers on any channel and on any device. “Most established brands are not built with self-service in mind. Therefore, companies are playing catch up; trying to retrofit their existing customer service solutions to meet customer demand for digitally based customer service,” says Richard Simons, CEO, Creative Virtual USA. “Implementing an omni-channel self-service strategy can seem like a daunting task, but when you use tools that are built to provide this type of solution, creating a customer service system that bridges the digital divide is easier than ever before.”

Enter the realm of intelligent virtual assistants (IVA). Creative Virtual’sIVA technology, V-Person™ helps organizations improve the customer experience. Their IVAs are powered by a robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) and knowledge management system called V-Portal™. This technology not only manages information and workflow across an organization, but also enables IVAs to hold personalized conversations with customers in any medium.

By eliminating departmental silos, V-Person provides the perfect mechanism for companies to create one centralized system to manage customer conversations in any language at any given time. “Customers want seamless conversations from one medium to the next. If they start a conversation online, they want that same conversation to continue without repetition if their issue has to be escalated to a live agent,” highlights Simons. V-Person can integrate with any system, web service, application, or interactive technology on the market, giving our customers the ability to easily deploy IVAs on any website, or as a user-friendly mobile application.

Every time we deploy a new system, we learn how to make it better. We help customers solve their challenges which inturn fuels our growth

JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Verizon, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Autodesk are just some of the corporations that use V-Person to reduced costs, increase sales and improve brand loyalty among their customers.

“Every time we deploy a new system, we learn how to make it better. We help customers solve their challenges which inturn fuels our growth,” says Simons. JPMorgan Chase approached Creative Virtual USA to build an efficient communication link with their customers on their website. First, they categorized customer responses based on the services and products they were using. This enabled Chase to identify frequently asked questions and deliver an IVA that could answer queries that were specific to the customer’s relationship with the bank. In return, customers were able to get answers to their questions quickly and easily – making for a much more enjoyable experience that didn’t require a phone call. “The truth is that customers don’t really want to talk to you. 65 percent say they want to self-serve so when you provide them with the option, customer satisfaction improves exponentially,” explains Simons.

In the next two years, Creative Virtual will continue expanding to new regions, delivering V-Person in even more languages. With their CEM portfolio, Creative Virtual intends to bridge the gap between the digital world that wants to self-serve and the traditional customer service landscape that is reliant on FAQs, search tools and call centers.” Simons says, “We believe there is a way for brands to give customers exactly what they want – an efficient and seamless anywhere, anytime customer experience. The technology is already here. Brands just need to embrace it.”

Creative Virtual

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Richard Simons, CEO

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