Still Struggling With Instagram Marketing? Here is What You Need To Do

Maria Jones, Internet Entrepreneur, Gramista
Maria Jones, Internet Entrepreneur,  <a href='' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Gramista</a>

Maria Jones, Internet Entrepreneur, Gramista

The numbers are in and it is now evident that Instagram is the king of social media marketing. Forget Facebook for a moment and as for Twitter, the stagnation in users tells it all. Since its launch in 2010, the social network built by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger has grown to gain over 500 mn monthly active users. Over 40 bn photos have been shared to date and on average, 95 mn videos and photos are shared every day. This platform is the dream of every marketer because it helps connect with a vibrant young market that has money to spend.

Leveraging the Power of Instagram

Instagram allows you to target the right market and with this comes more traffic to your website or local business. Better still, users trust your brand if you have more social media presence and it is easier to connect with your target audience. If you are looking to tap into new audiences, an Instagram account should be a priority. You can also fuel other marketing channels with your Instagram posts, which again increases conversion.

Automation for Better Results

To fully harness the power of Instagram marketing, you have to work hard for it. Most of the businesses in your niche are already leveraging social media and as such, you will be competing for the same audience. Gaining followers and retaining them takes a lot of work and this is not easy because you still have your core business to focus on.

  ​Gaining followers and retaining them takes a lot of work and this is not easy because you still have your core business to focus on   

If you already have an active Instagram account, you will agree that interacting with your followers is not easy. Hiring a social media team on the other hand is a costly venture and it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense, especially for a startup or small business. This is where Instagram automation comes in handy.

By selecting a high-performance Instagram automation tool such as Gramista, you will in essence have a personal assistant doing all the tasks that you would be doing on your account. This tool will do what a typical user does, including comment, follow, unfollow, like, and double tap. It will perform repetitive tasks for you including liking photos, making comments and following and unfollowing people. The automation process is based on hashtags, specific users and any other criteria you have chosen. When not used in a spammy way, automation is a great way to gradually grow your Instagram follower base.

To start using an automation tool, you need to do some research to ensure it is worth your time and also safe to use. Start with software providers who give a trial period which helps evaluate the impact of the tool. The software should also be easy to use and this can easily be verified during the trial period. The platform you use to automate should also be open and must not make unrealistic promises. Go on and choose the right Instagram automation tool to start harnessing the immense power of Instagram.