Creating a Community of Happy Members
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Creating a Community of Happy Members

Christina Brandon, Director of Quality and Performance Improvement, Meridian Health Plan

In early 2016, Meridian began the transition to an integrated dialer. Prior to implementation, Meridian’s technology solution did not include integration between inbound and outbound campaigns. This model created barriers related to call-center staffing across product lines and outreach campaigns using a shift staffing model in a 24/7 work environment. The skill level needed to create and load campaigns into the prior outbound dialer solution required cross-departmental collaboration to change specifications. As a result, operational areas could not complete outreach utilizing the dialer in a timely manner. Reporting from the previous solution also required support from IT professionals.

To address these barriers, Meridian sought a technology solution that would:

• Integrate with a newly implemented inbound phone system
• Increase efficiency in staffing
• Reduce barriers with loading outbound campaigns
• Include skill-based call routing
• Reduce IT dependency through increasing self-service
• Provide an improved agent experience

In late 2016, the new solution was implemented. 

Meridian’s mission is to continuously improve the quality of care in a low-resource environment. We’ve been successful in our mission and are ranked as the top Medicaid Health plan in every market we serve. We’re committed to improve quality and health outcomes for our membership and maintain our high performance. Meridian shows this commitment through investment in technology. Connecting with members to help them access the right care at the right time, provide education, and remove barriers to care drives our organization.

  ​The skill level needed to create and load campaigns into the prior outbound dialer solution required cross-departmental collaboration  

Acqueon LCM Administration and Reporting

LCM is the List Campaign Manager for the Acqueon dialer. This software provides Meridian the ability to choose pre-scheduled campaign start and stop times, select multiple campaigns to run simultaneously, and allows for the timely creation of new campaigns. All lists provided for outreach are uploaded into the LCM by operational teams without support from IT professionals. It is a self-service platform for trained users. 

The LCM also provides access to detailed reporting. Member outreach lists loaded through the LCM are processed and recorded with a high level of detail available to Meridian. Aside from successful manual coding through an agent, the system allows Meridian to see invalid phone numbers, issues with fax machines (out-of-service, abandoned, disconnected), or if a voicemail was left. This data can be exported and analyzed across campaigns.

Real time reporting and monitoring have been enhanced through Acqueon and the LCM. Instant success and failure rates are reported in graph form to view during each campaign’s run time. Timely monitoring of campaigns is improved by accurate call remaining queues.

Agent Experience

Since Acqueon is a an integrated dialer, agents do not have to log out of inbound queues and log into separate outbound software as was required with the previous solution. Acqueon allows our agents to log into the inbound and outbound queues simultaneously. This practice allows call center agents throughout Meridian to see improved outbound volume while maintaining service level expectations for inbound phone calls.

The system is sophisticated enough, based on its predictive dialing algorithm, to monitor inbound volumes and increase or decrease the number of dials based on agents available. The addition of this function, along with integrated dialing, has led to increased capacity and efficiencies. 

For example, a campaign of 6,500 dials would previously take a minimum of one week to process, but is able to be completed in 12 hours with Acqueon at the same staffing level. 

Meridian has the ability to skill call center agents across the organization by maintaining concurrent licenses. This gives multiple member-facing departments access to Acqueon’s outreach capabilities simultaneously while providing scalability to address growth. 

Overall, the system functionality allows Meridian to generate an increased volume of outreach attempts, leading to higher completion rates along with successful call rates. Below is an example of a campaign comparison between the old platform and Acqueon.

“Reaching out to our members to help them connect to care is one of our best interventions to improve access to care for our membership,” said Sean Cotton, President, Meridian Technologies. “Members with complex health conditions often need assistance navigating a complex health system, thus member outreach is one of the most impactful ways we can ensure every member receives the care they deserve.” Our commitment to care is constantly present at Meridian, as our brand philosophy is “Care. Above All Else.”

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