Leveraging Digital Technology For Consumer Engagement

Category: Customer Experience Management   |   Presented By: Nous Infosystems

Leveraging Digital Technology For Consumer Engagement

The subject of Consumer Engagement is never the same and faces a lot of challenges with the advancement in the communication technology and information technology; it has to be approached with a 360 degree view rather than looking at only one or two factors.

By developing effective communication and consumer engagement capabilities through new technologies and strategies, payers can address challenges in an efficient manner.

This whitepaper focuses on how consumer engagement can enhance healthcare quality, lower costs, and provide a better digital customer experience.

Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • Factors affecting consumer engagement in the Healthcare industry
  • Technology to enable Payers and serve new customers
  • Multichannel impact in consumer engagement
  • Role of social media and real-time information in increasing brand loyalty and consumer engagement

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